2018 Annual Campaign

Dear family member/friend,

Crossroads House is a home built not just with brick and mortar, but with compassion, memories and legacies. As we celebrate 20 years serving the residents of this area, we reflect on those who were and are, the foundation of our home…our precious residents. We cherish each person we are given the opportunity to serve.

The concept of end of life comfort care without charge is available on a limited basis with Crossroads House being the only source in Genesee County and few in surrounding counties including none in Erie and Orleans counties at this time. Currently we are only able to serve approximately 25% of those referred to Crossroads House. The need to serve more people in our community is immediate and ongoing.

Crossroads House is embarking on a new journey to increase our capacity to serve more people in the community. Our founder, Kathy Panepento, is leading a new initiative to take the compassionate care that has been the cornerstone of Crossroads House outside of our four walls through the End of Life Doula program. Doulas, or midwives, are well known in the birthing community and the same principles that help a child transition into this world in a calm, peaceful and loving environment are now being used by trained doulas in care for individuals finishing their earthly journey.

All of the training and practices are modeled after INELDA’s (International End of Life Doula Association) successful implementation. As more volunteer doulas are trained, Crossroads House will be able to take the very best in end of life care to hospitals, nursing homes and private residences. Doula care will be without charge, but like all the care at Crossroads House, it is not without cost. We remain committed to being fully supported by a generous community so that together, we can provide unrivaled end of life care to anyone, based solely on the most immediate need.

That is where you come in. Would you consider partnering with Crossroads House to serve more of the dying in our community? Now, more than ever, we need committed supporters to help us grow our mission. Whether you choose a generous one-time gift, or consider monthly giving, which over time, multiplies to become a huge impact on those we serve, every gift enable us to reach more people. Won’t you grow with us?

Crossroads House is starting our 20th year serving the residents of Genesee and surrounding counties. To date we have had the honor of caring for over 460 residents. As you already know, we provide this unequaled care without charge. We also do not receive any insurance reimbursement or government aid. We are only able to provide this unique, dignified care through memorials, fundraising, donations and grants.