Leave a Legacy

How to Leave a Legacy

Did you know there are ways to support Crossroads House without writing a check? One of the most popular ways is to include us in your will. It’s very simple to do. You can specify an amount or a percentage of your estate to be donated. Check with your attorney or financial advisor to get the exact language you need. And be sure to advise us of your bequest so that we may properly thank you for your generous support.

Memorial Bricks

God Saw You Getting Tired (engraved w/ 3 lines)

8" x 8" Personal Message (5 lines), available in red or sand color

4" x 8" Personal Message (2 lines), available in red or sand color

Memory Bricks are available in different sizes and styles for a donation ranging from $100 to $175. Each brick is engraved in honor of, or in memory of your loved one and is placed on the “Memory Wall” at Crossroads House.

CLICK HERE for an order form for Memory Bricks.

Crossroads House Candy Vending Machines

Look for Crossroads House candy machines, placed in many businesses throughout the community. If you are interested in having one placed in your business, please call Crossroads House at 585-343-3892

Desktop Banks

When you see one of our Blue Crossroads Houses, toss your spare change in.  If you are a business and would like to have a Little Blue House on your counter, call us at 585-343-3892