The Naming of Crossroads House

Periodically, Kathy would call me to ask what I thought of her latest idea for the comfort care home she envisioned. My answer was always the same and that was that Kathy's dream needed a name of her own choosing, not mine. Kathy would answer, "When I hear it, I will know." She wanted the name to be memorable and meaningful and convey the mission of a comfort care home for the dying.

As often as our schedules allowed, a group of nurses and social workers would meet for supper. We had not only worked together but were very close friends. Kathy was asking everyone for name suggestions. At one point I turned to my right and said, "Marilyn, I love your idea - Crossroads House!" Kathy excitedly said "That's it," just as Marilyn said to me that she hadn't said anything.

I know I heard the words Crossroads House, proof that God was blessing Kathy's dream, as He still does today.

Betty James RN